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gym routine atm

warm up: 5 minutes on the cross trainer - burning around 55 calories

weights: i do several weights, around 18-39 kg depending which. i do this for 10 minutes.

treadmill: 40 minutes - 6K - 470 calories 

bike: 10 minutes - hill intervals - 60 calories

warm down: 24 sit ups 

im going to do a post about what i do at the gym, like my record.

because at the moment blisters and revision has kept me off track the past three days


sorry for not talking in a while but i have a lot to catch up on since last time 

I JOINED A GYM a month ago. 

i used to only burn around 200 calories, but after 3 weeks, i now burn 560 in an hour! 

thats amazing for me. look at it this way. i used to only burn 150 calories on the treadmill uphill walking but now i can run 6k, burning 460 calories!

and seriously all i did was go every week day possible (exams make it hard) and try and burn 50 more calories on the tread mill and i keep thinking in my head ‘if i did it the day before, i can do it now’ 

i need to work on my eating habits a little more and now being off school, it is a little harder but i shall get there! i do feel guilty when i do eat junk now.

so yeah, i hope keeping this up in summer gets me smaller round the waist but yes, thats a mini update from me xx



Walking at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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weight loss blog! lets do this together!!

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i went for a 40 minute run with my friend for the first time in like forever. i didnt stop once which im really proud of. i know its barely anything because i was on a slow pace but im so unfit that this is a miracle. 

normally i hate running but i was determined. i was so surprised at how good i felt afterwards. i also did some sit ups afterwards.

and guys. if i can do it. that definitely means anyone can.